January 1, 2011

  • Hello 2011….Goodbye Xanga!

    Well I am not sure if I have any “following” anymore, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am shifting my blog platform over to WordPress now.  I need something a bit more user friendly and though my xanga site has served me well I need to make shift. 

    2010 was a hard year for me……I can’t say I was sad that we were turning a new year.  It was rough both physically, spiritually, and emotionally but I am ready to make changes and set new goals for this new year. 

    So set your RSS/Google Readers to……


    Not always exciting, but never a dull moment in the Witt house with two toddlers! 

    Happy New Year everyone…..see you in my new “room”. 



March 9, 2010

  • Has it really been over a month?

    I think I need to blow the cobwebs off my blog!  I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post!  I wonder if I have any faithful readers left? :)  

    Actually, I think I am in the process of moving my blog off of xanga.  It’s not very user friendly and quite honestly, I don’t enjoy blogging on it so I think it’s time for a change. 

    No worries though….I’ll let you know when I move! 

February 7, 2010

  • Still here!

    I’m having a hard time blogging while in the US.  I don’t know what it is……I just don’t really want to be attached to my computer right now.  If you think my blog is bad, you should see my email inbox! :)   

    Alas, I figured it was time for an update! I have over 700 pictures on my camera card……I’ve not even downloaded them on my computer! Crazy! 

    In January we spent much of our time resting with my family in Illinois. My sister hosted us and did a wonderful job of keeping her kitchen stocked full of junk food, which we took care of!  Drat!  Oh well!  Kev watched plenty of Sci Fi, and I watched lots of HGtv and played cards with Lexi.  We got involved in Wednesday Mens/Ladies bible studies and really enjoyed seeing everyone again.  It was wonderful to just rest a bit and be with my family. We had Sunday dinners every Sunday while we were there and it was so nice!  We caught up on our doctor and dentist appointments and I caught up with some old friends. 

    On January 28th we loaded a very full car (VERY FULL CAR!) and started our traveling again.  We spent one night with Patricia and Jeremiah Bryant in Arkansas.  The Bryant’s used to work along side of us at LBOM and it was SO wonderful to see them after almost two years.  The girls are precious and I finally got to hug on Journey.  Tshiamo and Libby are so big.  With 5 kids all under the age of 5 in their small house it was…..Crazy!!!!  At the same time though, it was such a blessing to kick back and just watch those kids play!  I miss those guys so much, but God is doing so much in their lives! 

    With word of nasty weather hot on our heals, we headed out early (bummer!) and made our way to Oklahoma to see our beloved Serena and her family in Durant.  We made it just in the nick of time with the weather turning to snow and ice.  Shortly after we arrived they lost power and we were in the dark for the rest of the night!  While a bit chilly, it was so nice to just catch up over candlelight and Chili’s To go! :)   We loved meeting Serena’s mom and dad and also seeing Sierra too!  Andrew took only a moment to warm up and then he was Serena’s shadow for the next 4 days!  We went to Chuck- E- Cheese and the ladies blessed me with a surprise Pedicure!  Our weekend together went too fast, but was so wonderful! 

    Before we knew it, we loaded up a very full car again and headed 2 hours to Dallas where we set up camp at Christ for the Nations Bible school.  We arrived Sunday evening to a small apartment on campus that was set up with a goodie basket and more in the fridge!  Andrew tore into the chips and cookies!  What a lifesaver!  The following morning we spoke in their Missions Class and met with Rod Groomer and Scoot Cowley to talk about the Internship program.  We’re so blessed to have this partnership with CFNI!  We caught up with Brad and Josiah as well, two of our former interns!  Was good to see how the Lord was working in the guys lives!  We also connected with some friends that lived just outside of Dallas and stayed in their beautiful home for one night.  The next day Kelly packed up a picnic and we headed to their ranch to see the horses and cows.  It was so beautiful, but also so cold!  Every other time we’ve been to Texas during this time it’s been warm.  Now, it’s cold! 

    On Wednesday we packed up again! and headed to Katy Texas to stay with our friend Erin and John White. (Linda our administrator in Botswana, her daughter and son in law).  They took us for our first Tex Mex at Chuy’s and it was so yummy!  Once again, it was kid central, but they did great and played very well together.  The next day we chilled out and Erin and Lauren too me to a Mommy shop where I oohed and aahed over diaper bags and cloth diapers! :)   Before we knew it, we were back in the car and heading to Tomball to see my best friend Mo!  We only had a short amount of time together our last visit so we stayed two nights with her and her girls…..Ellizabeth and Olivia.  (Husband Pat was flying……bummer!)  It was great to catch up and have the kids play.  On Friday we took them to a park and Andrew had a blast playing on the slides, feeding the ducks and nutria rats!  I think more than anything he just enjoyed being outside!  It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining!  It was great seeing Mo again……miss her so much!  She and I had a great time living together in college!

    And now, we’re basing in Pasadena for the next week and a few days with our “Aunt Kim”, John Emerick’s aunt.  We love being here with her and she spoils us all rotten with her wonderful homemade cookin!  We have lots of meetings and speakings, but we’re also visiting with a lot of friends as well.  The really great thing is we missed all that snow in Virginia!  Yes, I am excited that we missed all that snow!  I’ll be honest…….I am done with snow and I am ready for some spring weather!  Texas has proven to be pretty chilly these days!  We’ll be back in Virginia on the 20th and there for the next month. 

    So as you can see…..we’ve been busy!  We’ve not slept in the same bed for more than two days since the end of January!  Fun stuff!  The kids are doing really great with all the travel though.  Sure is interesting with two kiddos, but they are good so that helps!  By the time it’s over with, they will be pros and Kev and I are pros at packing! :)   

    Well…..that’s a bit of an update.  Will try to post pictures soon!!  Thanks for hanging around!

January 10, 2010

  • Wowzers……

    Really, I am around and doing fine!  I’ve been loving my time with family so therefore not blogging much.  Promise to update soon with pictures, but for now……enjoying being home! :)

December 22, 2009

  • Christmas Cuties!

    Out of about 20 pics taken in front of the tree, this was the only one where both kids were looking at the camera and smiling! 

    I thought these matching Carters PJ’s were too cute to pass up!  When they wear them, I just want to pull them into my lap and snuggle with them……..I do! :)  

    I am amazed at how quickly 2.5 year old’s catch on to things like Mickey Mouse and Santa Clause!  With all the media influence here, it’s hard not too.  I am also blessed that Andrew has taken a special interest in G-pa Witt…..and he says, “Grumpa G-pa”.  G-pa says, “Hey Andrew, wanna wrestle?”  and Andrew responds, “Let’s wrestle!”  I love it!  I love how even when “grumpa’s” back hurt, he still got on the floor to wrestle with Andrew! 

    Piper girl loves G-ma though and even cries when she leaves her line of site!  She’s learned all sorts of things since we’ve been home.  She pulls up on everything, cruises along the coffee table and yesterday she climbed the whole set of stairs (with Kev closely behind of course!).  She also loves Ritz crackers, Gerber Puffs, Toast, and Gerber Wagon Wheels!  She’s just 10lbs behind Andrew in weight…..a whopping 21lbs!!!!  (No wonder my arms get tired!) 

    It’s hard to believe Christmas is in just a few short days.  In some ways I feel like it’s come to fast…..in other ways I feel like it needs to get here so I can get to my family just two days later!  I haven’t done my “normal” Christmas routine partially because it’s just not the same not being with my family so I am saving some of it for some Post Christmas fun.  Cookie baking can happen after Christmas too with my niece.  I have however watched some of my favorite Christmas programs/movies so that’s been nice. 

    Overall, I know it’s going to be a great Christmas, even if it’s not exactly what I am used to. 

December 20, 2009

  • Snow Days!

    Well Mother nature didn’t waste anytime giving us a big snow fall for our arrival home!  On Friday evening it started in and over 20 in later it left us stuck in a winter wonderland!  It was so beautiful! 

    But what does one do with a toddler in a snow storm? 

    You build houses out of wooden blocks with G-pa! 

    Then you knock them over!

    Then you build tall towers!  I am pretty sure this one knocked over too!

    Today, we decided to take the kids out for their first snow!

    Piper girl and daddy!  She was so bundled I don’t think she could move!

    Katie checking out Piper. 

    Piper sittin on a snowbank!

    Piper and mommy in a snowbank! 

    Andrew freaked out when Kev put him in the deep snow!  I was laughing so hard I couldn’t hardly get up!  Seriously, it was deep soft snow! 

    Me with the kids! 

    Kev’s mom went to the barn to check on the animals.  We followed and Piper met her first Lama!  He was so sweet to give kisses!

    Mommy and Piper girl!

    Andrew wasn’t a huge fan of the snow.  He was fine when he was in the scooped out stuff, but the deep stuff he hated.  Once Kev showed him how to throw it though……

    He loved it!!!

    After we dried off I took some shots of Andrew in Kev’s old rocking chair.  Isn’t he so handsome!? :)

    Can’t leave out Piper……she’s pulling up on everything these days and her wispy hair is just coming in!  Poor Boo has had a horrible runny nose for over a week now. 

    Kev’s digging us out now.  Good thing, because I have to finish my Christmas shopping! 

    **I have no idea why portions of this post are underlined.  I tried everything to get it off, but no luck, Oh well!!!

December 19, 2009

  • Winter Blahhhhhhhhhhssss

    I often joke about how Botswana has 360 days of  sunshine.  I like my gloom and rainy days and I miss them while I am in Botswana…..a lot actually.  Since being back we’ve had a lot of gloomy winter days.  Days where if I didn’t have kids I would just throw back the covers over my head and sleep all day.  Wait….maybe that’s the jet lag a talkin’!  I swear, I’ve never taken this long to adjust to the time change.  I think having two little ones who seem to be on very different sleeping tracks and then gallivanting off to Orlando two days after we traveled 3 long days to get to the USA, did me in!  Stick a fork in me……I was (and still am!) done!  Combine that all with the gloomy days and you have a bit of a grumpy Sarah! 

    Yes, Sarah gets grumpy. 

    On Wednesday I was feeling pretty stressed at the fact that I really hadn’t slept so good.  I wanted to just jump in the car and drive home to Illinois alone, without Kevin, and without kids and just let my mommy take care of me.  Of course I couldn’t do that…….also my mom would probably kill me for not bringing the kids with me! :)   ha!  Instead I stole away to Target for 3 hours and shopped……alone.  I grabbed a Starbucks and I think I strolled every isle in that bloody store.  I could have stayed longer, but my cart was getting fuller by the moment so I packed it in.  I also hit the Chick Fil A on the way home and ate lunch in the restaurant so I could steal a few more moments of silence.  However I didn’t realize that Chick Fil A is actually mommy central!  (More on this in a minute!)  I wish I could say my shopping trip cured me, but it really didn’t……I am still grumpy. 

    Yes, Sarah gets grumpy and when she is grumpy everything annoys her! 

    I’ll be honest….I am ready to get to my family.  I am ready to have them hug and love on me.  I am ready for it all…..I AM READY!  I have one week left and that week feels like it will be the longest week ever!  Throw Christmas in the mix and that might make it go a bit faster.  I’ve also go some things planned for meet ups with friends in effort to get the week to go a bit faster.  However we’re sitting on  20 in of snow right now so I am wondering if I will go anywhere for a while! :)  

    And on a total side note….remember my chick fil a?

    On Thursday Kev and I decided to take Andrew into Chick Fil A for lunch and to run around on the indoor playground.  Kev’s mom and dad decided to join us so we packed up and headed in.  Once again it was mommy central!  I guess we weren’t the only ones with that idea!   As we were sitting there I started chatting with a few of the other moms around.  Before I knew it, Kev and I struck up a convo with one of the moms sitting behind us and really hit it off well!  All this to say that we have a “play date” scheduled for next Tuesday!  I have a play date!!! I am so excited to finally have a play date with another toddler mommy!!!  This truly was a divine appointment as we share a lot of the same interests.  Fun!  Who knew?!  (Also, if you’ve not tried their Peppermint Chocolate Chip Milkshake…..it’s heaven!) 

    So I am trying to beat the blahs.  I think all that sunshine in Bots makes you never get the winter blues.  I’m tellin ya……I am longing to be out in the midwest where I can have the winter blues with my mommy around! :)  

December 15, 2009

  • It’s no small tale of how long it takes us to get to the US!  We’re talking 10 hr drive to Gabs then a 4-5 hr drive to Jo’burg and then an 18 hour flight home and then an 1hr drive to the house!  Seriously…..that’s a lot of traveling.  We were blessed to be able to connect with some fellow missionaries though…….the Walker’s hosted us for a night and then we were able to catch a lift with the Heller’s into Jo’burg.  It’s always good when you can connect with old friends for a bit. 

    The flight out of Jo’burg went very well.  We got to the airport in plenty of time and found favor with airport officials to let us jump the lines so we didn’t have to wait.  Traveling with one small one last time was hard enough…….now two is a different story.  The kids did amazing on that long flight though.  Upon take off both of them crashed out which gave Kev and I plenty of time to breath and grab a quick bite.  Andrew had a hard time sleeping sitting up but we managed and when he was awake he played quietly.  No major meltdowns at all…..praise the Lord! 

    We arrived into Dulles at 6am Tuesday morning and grabbed our Bucks and a lift from Kev’s dad.  Andrew crashed out on the way home and missed his Chick Fil A! :)  

    On Thursday we boarded another plane to Orlando for a Witt Family vacation.  Andrew was pretty excited to get on the airplane again!  I wish I could have shared his excitement! :)   Thanks to extra hands and a wonderful Catbird baby carrier, we made it through the airports and stayed in a nice house with all the fam!  Andrew was done and running a pretty high fever when we arrived. 

    On Friday we loaded up in the vans and headed to Magic Kingdom.  G-ma stayed back with Piper as it was very cold that day.  I was not prepared for that weather as I figured Florida would be sunny and warm.  None of us were dressed for a day that never really did warm up.  I had to buy Andrew a sweatshirt when we arrived at Mickey’s house. :)

    Witt Crew! :)

    Andrew did SO well despite the fact that it was so cold.  Magic Kingdom was all decked out with Christmas stuff and was beautiful!  He rode a lot of rides that I figured would scare him, including Pirates of the Carribean!  When it got dark he held on tight and as long as we kept talking to him he was fine!  All the character lines were very long so we didn’t take any photos.  The thing is because we don’t have a lot of media, Andrew really has no clue who Mickey is.  However when he laid eyes on Woody his face lit up!!!  He waved and talked about Woody for a long time!

    Chillin with Uncle Mike before the Country Bears show!

    I wanted to take Andrew on the Dumbo ride.  He was done in and so tired.  He slept the whole 20 min we waited in line and then barely woke up for the ride. 

    Needless to say, I think only mommy enjoyed that ride! :)  

    The highlight of Andrew’s trip to Disney was a $10 balloon……..he loved it! 

    All in all the Disney trip didn’t disappoint, but we froze!  Sure is totally different doing it with a kid.  My favorite part was the Phylaharmagic show and watching the Princesses dance on the stage.  What can I say……I love that!  Andrew also enjoyed the shows on the castle stage too.  Lots of parades which was fun.  We even saw Santa…..though we were literally a few minutes shy of sitting on his lap before they closed the line….bummer, but we got a wave! :)  

    On Saturday the weather cleared up and we headed to Sea World.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I hadn’t ever been.  I woke up feeling pretty done in from all the travel and then all the walking the day before.  I almost stayed home with Piper, but then pushed myself.  I felt cruddy off and on all day, but I am so glad I didn’t miss out.  If you’ve never done Sea World, it’s amazing.  The shows were incredible and the viewing of the fish was even better!  Andrew and Piper LOVED it.  Fish is something Andrew totally gets so he was all about the sting rays, sharks and nemos! 

    Pipes chillin with G-ma.  I love that hat! 

    Andrew watching the dolphins with Aunt Sara.  (She’s not an official aunt yet, but we love her so much and hope she will be soon!!! :) )

    Lookie mommy it’s Nemo!!!  I think Andrew could have stayed in that aquarium the whole day!  Piper you can see is snoozing in the carrier.

    Riding the fish carousel with daddy.  I think Andrew liked this much better than the flying Dumbos!

    These guys would come right up to the glass!  They are HUGE!  I could have sat there forever and watch them play.  Piper on the other hand was snoozing…..again. :)  

    So cool! 

    We saw Shamu as well and my Piper girl LOVED the Shamu show!  She was squealing with delight as that huge whale jumped out of the water!  The whole drive home ANdrew talked about the sharks and the whales and on an on.  Poor Uncle Jay got an ear full! :)   The family was amazing and really helped us and were so patient with Andrew and his fussiness!  It was a great vacation despite the fact that we were still so tired!  

    On Sunday we headed back to Virginia and Andrew was done in.  We all have colds and runny noses.  Kids are still adjusting to the time changes and all the travel so we’ve not had much in the way of good nights sleep.  Andrew is also enjoying the Grandparents and they are enjoying both kids.

    Adjusting to life back in the US for four months.  It’s all a bit overwhelming at times.  I’ve learned that I really like the simple life I have in Botswana.  I am still amazed as I walk down the cereal isle……it just cracks me up! :)   I’ve only had one Starbucks since coming home and it was actually a bit disappointing.  I found some coffee creamer though that tastes fabulous so I’ve had some good cups of joe at home with Kev’s mom.  I am ready to get to my family though……I am in need of a big hug from my mom and sis.  Not long now……..

  • Home sweet home!

    Sometimes I wish I could live here! :)  

    We made it home safe!  I have lots to blog about, but still suffering from jetlag and tired kids.

    PS….Piper stayed at the hotel with Grandma on Disney Day.  It was too cold! 


November 30, 2009

  • Christmas shopping on the lawn!

    So my friend Mike from Zimbabwe called me the other day to ask if anyone on the property was interested in purchasing some curios and boutiques for the holiday’s.  He knew we were getting ready to head home and that we usually like to see what he has. 

    I met Mike and his friend Jonathan about 4 years ago when they came to sell things at the Mission.  Times were really hard in Zim and they were just trying to make ends meet.  I usually am not interested in what people have to sell, after all I’ve seen it all and most of it is the same thing.  Mike’s things were different though…..not the usual wooden elephants or hippos, but hand painted items.  What I loved most about Mike was that he never pressured and his prices were usually always fair. We stuck up a friendship over the years and now whenever he’s in town he always sends me a message saying he’s around.  He also gives me great deals for organizing buyers and has often given me gifts as thank you’s. 

    Yesterday I told him that we had several people visiting and some leaving so to come on over and set up and see what happened.  I was hoping that one or two would buy just to give him the business, but before I knew it my yard was turned into a Christmas Bazaar and my lovely neighbors came to check it out! 

    Boutiques on the lawn…..all hand painted

    Beaded Ornaments! 

    These were some of the most creative I’ve ever seen!  Santa Boots, Gifts, Angels, and round balls and bells! 

    Mike and Brad doing some negotiating! 

    Andrew and his little chair.  He was so good during the whole thing.

    Putting some ornaments in his secret compartment……don’t worry we made sure to check this before Mike left! :)

    Sweet Patricia from church holding Piper (note she’s chewing on two angels!).  She adores Piper and was quite thrilled to hold her the whole time while I shopped.

    I didn’t get the lighting right on this photo because of the contrast of both of their skin, but I loved Patricia’s face and Piper’s BLUE eyes!   (Nice legs Dietra! :) )

    Despite the fact that it was HOT HOT out, it was sure fun shopping from my lawn with friends on a Sunday!  Who needs Black Friday sales when you can just walk out your front door right? :)  

    I’ve love to show you what I bought, but a lot of it is presents! :)   Needless to say, I picked up a few things!